Gift ideas for bicycle and cycling lovers

You want to offer a gift to one of your friends who is a big cycling fan. But, you don’t know which gift is right for him. You can find plenty of gifts to make cyclists happy. Discover gift ideas…

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Mountain bikes: which model to choose?

Professionals and amateurs alike keep reminding us that exercising is essential. For a return to physical activity or simply for the love of relatively strong sensations, cycling is the practice par excellence. It allows you to expend your energy while…

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What are the benefits of cycling on your health?

Cycling is a sport that can be practiced at any age, by both men and women. Cycling is available to everyone: athletes and non-athletes, cycling beginners and experienced cyclists. It is an excellent way to start taking control of your…

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Electric bike: why opt for a French brand?

The electric bike is becoming an essential means of transportation to move around more quickly. It is a vehicle equipped with an auxiliary engine, with a rechargeable battery. In fact, there are two types of electric bikes: the EAB or…

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What is the worth of the KaaboMantis 8 Origin electric scooter?

KaaboMantis 8 origin, the new phenomenon of society ┬áToday’s post is not about the latest trendy gravel bike. We have decided to go off the beaten track to focus on the new electric scooters, which are capable of replacing bicycles…

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The advantages of the electric bicycle (VTC)

The electric VTC also called electrically assisted bicycle or EAB is back in trend in 2010. Since that year, it has become very popular. In fact, many people have been seduced by this type of transportation thanks to its many…

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