Electric bike: why opt for a French brand?

The electric bike is becoming an essential means of transportation to move around more quickly. It is a vehicle equipped with an auxiliary engine, with a rechargeable battery. In fact, there are two types of electric bikes: the EAB or electrically assisted bike and the classic electric bike.

An electrically assisted bicycle (EAB): from what does it consist?

The electrically assisted bike is first and foremost a bicycle, it is a two-wheeled vehicle with an assisted engine. This means that you have to pedal to make this machine work. The assistance is interposed at the time of the pedal to accompany the cyclist in his movement. In fact, it is the assistance that is electric, and not the user nor the bike. In general, the assisted electric bicycle has 3 to 4 assistance modes that allow you to regulate the power of the electric assistance. The essential difference between an assisted electric bicycle and the classic electric bicycle is in their type of engine. Certainly, the classic electric bike can move forward, even if you do not pedal. Unlike an assisted electric bike, the engine reacts to the operation of the pedal, but stops the moment you stop pedaling.

How to choose an electric bike?

First of all, the electric bicycle must respect the criteria determined by the EN15194 standard: the nominal intensity of the engine must not exceed 250 Watts; the assistance must be interrupted when the cyclist stops pedaling; the assistance must be turned off when the speed of the bicycle reaches 25 km/h. There are various criteria which must be taken into consideration when choosing an electric bicycle: its use, its brand, the engine, its price... However, there are various types of electric bicycle: racing bicycle, urban bicycle, bicycle for hiking, mixed bicycle (hiking and urban). The assisted electric bike also exists in foldable and easy to carry version. There are a number of different models to suit your needs and budget.

What are the advantages of a French brand electric bike?

There are many advantages to having an electric bike. The electric bicycle is a very practical and ideal means of transportation in the city. It also allows you to get to work faster by avoiding traffic jams. It is also possible to arrive at work without sweating. Although it is equipped with an engine, the assisted electric bicycle allows the user to resume or continue a physical activity, no matter his age or health problems (cancer, diabetes, heart disease...). The electric bike is a more ecological and economical machine. In fact, choosing a French electric bike has many advantages. Choosing a French brand electric bike offers you a better guarantee for all the necessary accessories regarding the quality of the bike. The French brand also has a customer support available at the time of purchase. The EasyBike, O2feel, Cube, Weboot..., are among the most reputable French branded e-bikes which have a great performance.
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