The advantages of the electric bicycle (VTC)

The electric VTC also called electrically assisted bicycle or EAB is back in trend in 2010. Since that year, it has become very popular. In fact, many people have been seduced by this type of transportation thanks to its many advantages.

Electric VTC: a practical and comfortable way of transportation

The electric VTC looks like a classic bicycle and is equipped with a control console, an electric engine as well as a battery. It therefore works thanks to these elements. In contrast to mopeds, it is mainly used to support the efforts of the cyclist. In order to benefit from the assistance, the rider should only activate the pedals of the bike. Thus, the electric vtc can be adapted to all types of travel. After all, it is a very practical means of transportation. There is no need to worry about traffic jams to get to work, to drop your child off at school or to simply go shopping. Therefore, the main advantage of EABs would be the time saving. You can really enjoy an easier and safer circulation. In addition, it is easier to park it once you arrive at your destination. Electric bikes are not at all cumbersome compared to other vehicles. As for the comfort, it is more pleasant to use this type of bike. It provides a real ease of crossing hills. The efforts are also reduced even if you increase the speed. One should also not forget to mention that the electric VTC is a means of travel throughout the world. It can become a better alternative to scooters or cars for average and short distances. In general, trips in urban areas do not exceed a distance of ten kilometers. Hence, it would be easier to move around with an electric bike. With the assistance that the latter offers, one can afford to go at a speed of 25 km/h. Finally, this type of bike also has the ability to help the cyclist to respect the Highway Code. Nearly all cyclists ignore traffic lights because getting back on the road with a stop sign is not easy. With assisted electric bicycles, the motor starts again with a turn of the pedal, allowing you to get back on the road as if you had never stopped.

Electric VTC : an ecological and silent bike

In the world of today, the notion of pollution is more and more present mainly in big cities. In order to avoid the emission of gases caused by motorized vehicles, it is necessary to find a solution to move from one place to another over short distances and at the same time to protect the planet. Choosing an electric bike can be a very good idea. This type of bike has the advantage of not emitting gas to greenhouse effect nor CO2. Riding this type of vehicle allows you to show an ecological gesture while at the same time contributing to the environment. In addition, it also contributes to the decongestion of cities and the reduction of pollution levels in the city center. Not to mention that its batteries are recyclable. In case you are more concerned about the protection of the environment, this advantage can be a factor in convincing you to make a purchase. Other than this quality, the electric bike could also be discreet. You can find models that are completely silent. It is possible to adapt them to most renewable energies. The battery of an electrically assisted bicycle can be recharged from a 30 cm² solar panel placed on the roof.

The benefits of the electric VTC in terms of health

In addition to the environmental benefits of the electric VTC, it must also be said that this type of bicycle is beneficial for your health. In fact, it can be an excellent way to practice physical exercises. According to the World Health Organization, riding a bike for 30 minutes a day can increase your life expectancy by eight years. Moreover, riding around town on this bike can have the same benefits as walking every day. It can even reduce the risk of many diseases such as cardiovascular disorders, osteoporosis, diabetes...

Make important financial savings with the electric VTC

Even if the purchase price of an electric VTC is expensive, it still allows you to make significant savings. In terms of consumption, it only consumes the equivalent of one liter of gasoline for 100 km. Furthermore, it does not require much maintenance or repair compared to motorized cars. Finally, EABs do not require any administrative documents. It is not necessary to have a license to ride an electric bike. As soon as you have acquired a means of transportation, you can start using it. You don't even need to have a registration or a technical control. You only have to wear a helmet as protection. 
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