Mountain bikes: which model to choose?

Professionals and amateurs alike keep reminding us that exercising is essential. For a return to physical activity or simply for the love of relatively strong sensations, cycling is the practice par excellence. It allows you to expend your energy while enjoying the nature and/or to indulge in an extreme sport. It is therefore clear that the bicycle, the main equipment for the cyclist, is available in a thousand and one disciplines; the trick is to choose your bike according to your needs and desires. And to make sure you don't make a mistake, all you need to do is to rely on the right criteria such as the dealer, the type of mountain bike and its characteristics.

Finding the best product

To enjoy cycling to the fullest, it's imperative to get the right bike. But which mountain bike should you choose? When it comes to choosing, it's all about buying and selling. So, to acquire the right mountain bike, you'll have to start by finding the best seller. For this, there are a number of solutions. First, there are the brands that offer their products in their own stores. This makes it easy for brand lovers to find what they want. Resellers, on the other hand, offer the possibility of accessing articles from several brands. An ideal option for those who like to compare and open up to multiple opportunities. In order to refine one's research and to benefit from an efficient accompaniment for this difficult choice, specialized platforms are to be used: the comparators. They will allow the most indecisive and the most fussy people to find the products corresponding to their needs and expectations. By using these sites, the future buyer of a mountain bike will save time and, at the same time, will save money.

Choosing the right type of mountain bike

Choosing your bike the right way means selecting it according to the discipline you wish to practice. It is therefore essential to start by familiarizing yourself with the types of bikes to use for a specific activity. On this basis, we can talk about 4 main types of mountain bikes. The trial bikes which are designed to face obstacles. The downhill for freeride, which is heavy and is essentially intended for downhill. The CrossCountry mountain bike, which is light and practical on flat ground (or not). The enduro and All Moutain mountain bike, which is for a pleasant downhill ride.

Focus on the specifics

To correctly answer the question "which mountain bike to choose?", you will also need to look at some of the equipment's features. First of all, the brakes! Mechanical, which are the most recurrent, practical, easy to maintain but are not really effective during bad weather. For a flawless equipment for all seasons, you should rather turn to disc brakes. After that, check out the suspensions! The classic semi-rigid frame is less expensive and more practical for daily use (maintenance, cleaning, etc.). However, it only offers one suspension at the front of the bike. For more comfort, it is advisable to turn to one with fork and shock absorber; that is to say, it takes the shocks at the front as well as at the back for an optimal comfort in all situations.
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