What is the worth of the KaaboMantis 8 Origin electric scooter?

KaaboMantis 8 origin, the new phenomenon of society

 Today's post is not about the latest trendy gravel bike. We have decided to go off the beaten track to focus on the new electric scooters, which are capable of replacing bicycles to make great rides whatever the type of ground or the weather. Today you can find electric scooters for any purpose you want. It goes from the pure city scooter, to a powerful and comfortable off road model, or even models halfway between these 2 types of uses. The KaaboMantis 8 Origin electric scooter is the latest trend in the small world of electric scooters. In general, the models equipped with two driving wheels are very expensive, it is necessary to count on a low average of 2 000€. It is not within the reach of all the purses. The Kaabo brand, on the other hand, has managed the great achievement of bringing out a marvellous dual motor electric scooter at a very reasonable price of 1390€. This Chinese brand has been specialized for many years now in the sector of high-end electric scooters, and it is not its first try. Its first and huge success was an electric scooter with the barbaric name of Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Plus. A sort of UFO of electric mobility, with huge suspensions, a double inverted fork at the front, and especially a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Indeed, it leaves you dreaming.

 An electric scooter for all types of soil

 This KaaboMantis 8 origin is more moderate on the performances, even if this small racing machine can easily run at 65 km/h. No need to mention that you need to have a solid heart and that a few hours of practice will be necessary before letting yourself go at this speed. It is of course equipped with front and rear disc brakes and proudly displays a truly innovative look! This electric scooter was released in France only a few weeks ago and according to the professionals of the field this is one of the biggest success of the sector. The Kaabomantis 8 origin can be used as well for off-road as for everyday life and to help you on your daily journeys.  This small jewel of technology will certainly have a place of first choice at Christmas under the Christmas tree.
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