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What is the purpose of a bicycle?

A bicycle, also called a bike, is a two-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle. Most bicycles have three gears, and the rider sits on a saddle. The pedals turn the front wheel, which is attached to the frame by a fork. The rear…

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Bike rental in Paris: average rates and the best providers

Renting a bike is a good alternative to using a car or public transportation. It is a reliable way to avoid long and tedious traffic jams and to respect the environment. Several rental companies in the city offer bikes of…

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Summer vacations: the perfect time to rediscover the pleasure of cycling with your family!

Vacations are moments of relaxation away from daily activities. During the vacations, employees are off work and students are not in school. During this time, people have different routines for spending their vacations. There are people who spend their time…

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Self-service bikes in major cities: all the advantages in everyday life

The use of self-service bicycles makes daily life easier for users in large cities. These two-wheeled vehicles offer several advantages. These bikes are practical for avoiding traffic jams and users have the ability to rent these bikes to get around…

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To combine cycling and vacations: the ideal destination is the île de Ré!

Cycling and vacations go hand in hand on the Ile de Ré. The country is very welcoming and its geography allows the whole family to enjoy it. Moreover, the bike allows you to enjoy the landscape, but it is also…

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The top five tips and tricks for renting a bike in Paris!

The traffic in Paris is not always as smooth as it could be if we only mention the traffic jams, the crowds of pedestrians and the pollution. The ideal solution to such a situation is to get around on a…

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