Why choose a bike trailer?

Equipped with a trailer, a bicycle is very useful for your daily activities such as transporting materials, doing some shopping and even traveling. Original and exceptional, this bicycle accessory that can be quickly installed on the back of the bike makes your life easier.

Types of bike trailers and their use

There are several types of bike trailers for transporting equipment and merchandise. Before making your choice, it is essential to define your needs to easily find the one that suits you. The one wheel all-terrain bike trailer is suitable for cycling off road or on trails. They follow the exact path of the bike with or without any suspension. The monowheel trailer rolls along the path of your bike's wheel. However, these trailers lack the stability of a two-wheeled trailer when stationary. If you want to carry out important groceries or go on a bike drive, you should opt for a folding bike trailer. There is a range of cargo trailers that can be folded and are lightweight available on the market. It is compatible with trailers for children that are useful for small groceries due to its back box that can hold up to 5 kg. As for a bike caddy, you can also use it to move your groceries. Attached to the rear, the shopping cart can be detached without difficulty in order to be used like other shopping carts. Being easy to handle and compact, this bag offers great practicality to retailers. You should be aware that you need to limit your cycling speed when using a shopping cart. In comparison to a low trailer, the shopping cart is less manageable especially during turns.

A bicycle trailer for heavy items

For transporting heavy or long items, there are bike trailers for specific materials or transports. Utility trailers for heavy items are capable of carrying up to 90 kg. This is due to a suitable attachment to the bike and a fairly strong axle. In order to transport a kayak or surfboard, which are long objects on a bicycle, you must make sure to attach a longer hitch between the trailer and the end of the trailer, which must not get too close to the rear wheel. The long arms dedicated to bike trailers are designed for this type of use. If you have a taste for DIY, you can build your own bike trailer.

The benefits of a bike trailer

Bike trailers with two wheels provide a great deal of stability. This isĀ  very important in case it moves heavy loads. Thanks to this high stability, you can easily load materials into the two-wheeled trailer. A heavy-duty trailer with a spring-loaded landing gear is very convenient for carrying gardening equipment. In addition, a two-wheeled trailer is very wide. Other than providing ample storage space for your goods and personal belongings, the monowheel bike trailer has several advantages. It is very easy to handle. All you need to do is attach the steel frame of the trailer to take advantage of its many benefits. Once you have your bike cart installed, take it for a test ride. You'll find that the load won't be a problem even when you're riding your bike. On the contrary, the monowheel bike trailer will make it easier for you to move around while carrying materials and goods. Whether you're walking or stopping, this trailer provides remarkable flexibility. By using a single wheel bike trailer, your line of travel is unidirectional. As a result, you can easily turn on the spot to make a half turn. A monowheel trailer is well suited for transporting loads of merchandise weighing a few dozen kilos. The wheels of folding trailers offered by manufacturers are easy to remove. All you have to do is to press the push button in the middle of the wheel. In this way, the trailer can be stored easily when you are not using it.
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