How to carry your bike in the car?

You want to go on a trip with your bike. Transporting your bike by car is an excellent solution to bring your bike to your travel destination. But, you must respect the safety rules. You have the choice between different methods to transport your bike by car. Here are the details.

Carrying the bike inside the vehicle

If you have the required space, the first solution is to transport your bike inside your vehicle. This is an interesting solution if you have a large trunk. The bike can easily fit inside. In this case, before considering this solution you should check if your bike can fit in the trunk of your vehicule. In order to avoid damage to your precious bike, it is important to protect it. It is ideal to use a protective cover. You can find a cover that fits what you are looking for in the market. Check out the e-tailers to find your protective cover at the best price.

Carrying the bicycle on a bike hitch carrier

A good solution if you have to transport your bikes on a regular basis. Your car must have a hitch ball to install the device. The bike carrier can be suspended if you have to make a short distance. But in the case of a long distance trip, it is recommended to opt for a bike carrier on a hitch in the form of a platform in order to transport your bikes in complete serenity. The bike carrier on hitch is perfect for transporting several bikes. It is easy to set up without much effort. The disadvantage with the hitch mounted bike rack is that it does not allow easy access to the trunk.

Carrying the bike on a trunk bike rack

The use of the trunk bike carrier is beneficial for long journeys. A device that is also suitable for frequent use. Just like the bicycle carrier on the hitch, it allows you to transport several bicycles safely. The trunk bike rack can be suspended or in the form of a platform. Bicycles with thick frames are suitable for the trunk rack with platform. The suspended bike rack is suitable for bikes with thin frames. The trunk bike rack is adjustable according to the size of the vehicle with the help of straps and clamping knobs. It requires a longer installation time.
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