What are the mandatory equipment for cycling?

The bicycle is an increasingly popular means of transportation. In order to ride a bike, it is essential to be well equipped, whether you use your bike on a daily or occasional basis. Here are some of the things you need to have if you want to ride a bike.

Reflectors or reflective devices

When you ride your bike, it is necessary to be properly visible to motorists. They need to be able to easily see you whether it is day or night. The reflective devices should be placed on both sides of your bike. You have the choice of various colors of reflectors.For the pedals, you should choose an orange reflective device.  The orange reflector is also for the wheels, which you should place on the spokes. Choose a red reflector for the rear of your bike and a white one for the front. The reflectors have the advantage of working without batteries. The light of the headlights of the vehicles reflects them so that your bicycle is well visible.

A front and a rear light

In addition to the reflectors, you also need a front and a rear light. This equipment allows you to be seen very easily. The light for a bicycle exists in several models in the market. If some allow you to be visible in the dark, others are able to light your way to move forward safely.If you happen to ride your bike at night, choose a light that can illuminate a large portion of the path ahead. You can choose between battery-operated or rechargeable lights.  The purchase of a front or rear light for a bicycle is based on the model you want and on your budget.

The yellow vest

The yellow vest is mandatory under certain circumstances. It is recommended for the cyclist and his passenger in case of circulating outside built-up areas, at night or when visibility is restricted. This equipment gives you the opportunity to be visible, even in difficult visibility conditions. The yellow vest is essential to increase your visibility in order to prevent accidents. If you don't have the mandatory items when riding your bike, you risk being fined. You have the choice between the yellow or orange vest which must be certified EN 471.
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