The top five tips and tricks for renting a bike in Paris!

The traffic in Paris is not always as smooth as it could be if we only mention the traffic jams, the crowds of pedestrians and the pollution. The ideal solution to such a situation is to get around on a two-wheeler. The bike is a better alternative to the car as well as to public transportation.

To reach a private rental company

Renting a bike in Paris is a popular and responsible choice for any type of mobility in the city. For this purpose, you can contact a private rental company. These companies offer two-wheelers to visit the city, for your vacation trips, and even more. The rental is valid in the city as well as in the country side. Private rental companies even offer their services in the various vacation and leisure areas in Paris. A wide range of bike models is available to everyone at the specialists like HOLLAND BIKES Tours & Rentals. These include electric bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes and tandems.

Go for the municipal rental service

You will also find great deals on bike rentals in Paris through the municipal service. You can ride your bike to work by renting it from the city. This service allows you to have a bike at your disposal whether you are going for a walk or a hike or a romantic trip. It is also valid for strolls and other trips of your choice. The municipal bike rental service has the advantage of renting various accessories. You will find bike baby carriers, bike trailers, and more. This is a great rental option if you are planning to go on a bike trip with your children.

Selecting rental from the online stores

There are also stores that offer bike rentals in Paris. You can check out their website to discover great tips and tricks for a successful rental. Their two-wheeler offers allow you to travel around Paris by bike. They also concern the vacationers who wish to visit the city by bike. The rental package is often calculated according to the duration of the vacation. It can be for half a day, a day, one or several weeks. Some stores even offer monthly rentals, weekends and holidays. The types of bikes rented are mainly mountain bikes, racing bikes, electric bikes, tandems and three-wheelers.
What is the purpose of a bicycle?
Bike rental in Paris: average rates and the best providers

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