Bike rental in Paris: average rates and the best providers

Renting a bike is a good alternative to using a car or public transportation. It is a reliable way to avoid long and tedious traffic jams and to respect the environment. Several rental companies in the city offer bikes of all types, no matter which one you prefer. Renting a bike in Paris is the ideal mobility solution to go for a stroll or to get to work without too much effort.

The cost of renting a bike in Paris

If you are looking for a practical, ecological and cost-effective way to get around Paris, you should rent a bike. Whatever your preference, you can go to a specialized rental company in the city. You will be able to rent electrically assisted bikes, mountain bikes, Dutch bikes, etc. The rates vary depending on many factors. Most often, the price is calculated according to the duration of the rental. For family rides or vacations, you can have group rental offers. Discounts are available in these arrangements. A deposit is sometimes required, depending on the rental conditions of the rental company. Indeed, for a better price, rent your bike in Paris with HOLLAND BIKES.

The rental terms and conditions

Bike rental in Paris is constantly on the rise. Some rental companies offer simple deals for their bikes. Some others impose conditions for the safety of the renters and the best maintenance of the bike. First of all, to rent a bike, it is compulsory to present your identity card or passport. A deposit will also be required from the renter at the moment of rental. Then, it is essential to be well equipped when riding a bike in the city or on the bike paths in Paris. The mandatory accessories are the helmet, the retroreflective vest certified for the cyclist, but also for his passenger. An anti-theft device is also necessary.

The best bike rental companies in Paris

To visit Paris by bike, rent a bike from the best bike rental company in the city. For an electric bike rental, join the best known rental service in Paris. VĂ©lib' offers a wide range of rental options to suit your needs. The rate is calculated according to the duration of your rental. Then, other providers offer rental services for all models of bikes. You can learn about them by browsing the web. Comparison sites allow the selection of the best provider in terms of bike rental in Paris.
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