How to properly choose a baby bike seat carrier?

Do you love to ride a bike and you already have a baby? Now you can take your child with you when you go for a bike ride by installing a baby bike seat carrier. A baby bike seat carrier is a piece of equipment that allows you to ride with your baby on a bike in complete safety. In addition, this equipment allows you to be comfortable. You have a wide choice of bicycle seat carrier for children on the market. In order to choose the right model for your needs, you have to take into consideration some criteria. Also, you need to know the characteristics of a bicycle seat carrier so that you can determine your needs.

How to choose your bike seat carrier ?

There are approvals regarding child bike seat carriers. When you buy your baby bike seat carrier, make sure that the model meets the CE EN 1434 standards. Choose the equipment according to the age of your child. There are models that can be attached in front or behind your bike, depending on your preference. Before you leave, make sure your baby is securely seated. He or she should be comfortable inside the equipment. The baby should stand up straight for more security. For more comfort, choose models that include armrests so your child doesn't get tired during the trip. 

Characteristics of a bicycle seat carrier

The main characteristics of a bicycle seat carrier are the size, the attachment system and the comfort it will provide As far as size is concerned, the manufacturers create different baby bike seat carriers. As the name suggests, the equipment is then reserved for babies, ranging from 9 months to 3 years. If your child is older than 3 years, you can choose to opt for bike trailers. These trailers can accommodate older children. There are even models with multiple seats. The bike is attached by means of a tow bar. The baby seat carriers can carry children weighing up to 15 kg. For models that can be attached to the back, they can carry a weight up to 22 kg. The baby will be able to hold himself in a sitting position. It will be well supported by the backrest. There are several different systems for the attachment of equipment. These systems are standard, adapted to any model of bicycle. You can adjust the backrest of the equipment to be well adapted to the bike. The purpose is to have an ergonomic equipment, which you can remove and install easily. In this case, click systems are ideal because of their practicality. In order to have more comfort, some models are equipped with special foams. To hold your baby in place, you need to secure him or her with a harness. The harness can be adjusted according to your baby's size. A bicycle seat carrier also includes foot restraints to prevent any accidents or unforeseen events.

The location of the bike seat carrier

Depending on your preference, you can choose equipment that can be installed on the front or back of your bike. For the models to be installed in front,  it is advantageous , for the fact that you will have your baby right in front of you. He will not be bothered by your behind and your back. The baby will be able to enjoy the landscape. However, having a front mounted unit requires balance when riding the bike. Rear mounted models are the most common type of equipment. There are some models that you can recline when your baby is napping. This model is ideal if your baby's weight ranges from 15 to 22 kg. Depending on the model, the baby bike seat carrier is attached to the luggage rack or directly to the saddle and frame of your bicycle.
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